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My name is Sharon. I am a four time Near Death Experiencer.

My first of four near-death experiences occurred at the age of 13, when I drowned while taking swimming lessons. I was struck by lightning four times over the course of several years. The fourth lightning strike resulted in my second NDE which occurred in 2005, when I was struck while talking on a cordless phone during a storm. My third NDE occurred in November of 2016 while I was undergoing emergency surgery and my fourth, occurred in December of 2017 due to an adverse reaction to seizure medication.

I have been a guest on several radio shows, as well as YouTube interviews and podcasts. Most prominently, I was featured on The Dr Oz Show which aired February 15,2019. I was also featured on The National Geographic Channel in a show titled ‘Return from the Dead’ about Near Death Experiences which aired on April 17, 2016.

I have presented as a guest speaker at a number of spiritually oriented groups, including IANDS and various Churches, Hospitals and Hospice groups.

I am the author of three books, “A Song In The Wind, A Near Death Experience” , “The Whispers In The Wind, A Poetic Journey Of The Soul” and “A Rose From Heaven”. All of my books can be found on Amazon.


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