Let There Be Love

As people gathered around me for support, I was given my life review. I was shown my life; everything I had ever said and done was shown to me. It was like watching a black and white movie on a reel. There was no feeling, no judgment at all. It was right then that I learned that God does not judge us, we judge ourselves, standing there before Him in all of His glory and perfection while we watch our lives pass in front of us.

For me, all He did was love me through it. Not a word was said, and it was over in a blink of an eye.
And as I remember my time in Heaven, I replay that moment over and over. I am constantly aware now that what we say and do affects not only others but ourselves as well. In other words, what we do to others, we do to ourselves. It was after my life review that I heard a male voice say, “What you put out into the universe will come back to you”. Whatever you do in your life, do it with love. Let love be what comes back to you. Let love be what you see and feel during your life review

The Soul and The Spirit

People have asked me many times about the different terms “soul” and “spirit”this is what I learned from my experiences.
People are triune creations.
Every person that has ever existed or will exist is a soul, with a spirit and a body.
You are a “Soul” who has a body empowered by your spirit. The soul is the conscious part of who we are. It is the part of us that “experiences” what goes on around us and it grows through these experiences. The soul is what makes you who you are. It is the eternal part of us.
The soul is the seat of the senses, desires, affections, and appetites. the soul is the immaterial part of a human being that lives on beyond this earthly life.
It is what forms our likes, our dislikes, our thoughts, our feelings and it is greatly affected by the choices we make.
Now, at the moment of conception, God breathes His breath of life into the sperm and the egg and at that point the spirit enters. Your spirit is what brings life to the cells which forms your body. Your spirit is what animates your body. It is the electricity that powers us. Without the spirit, there is no life. Remember, we are souls which is the eternal conscience part of us, we have a spirit which is the animator of our bodies and we are body. The body houses the soul and spirit and is the vehicle that gives us mobility.
Your body is nothing more than a vehicle that gets YOU, your soul and your spirit, around in this physical world. It’s like a car , a vehicle that gets your body from one place to another. Your human body is not you, it’s only the vehicle that houses your soul and spirit while you experience this earthly life. It’s your soul that makes you the beautiful and unique person that you are. When your body dies as every one’s body will die, YOU, live on. your soul will never die.

When I died from a lightning strike, I learned,and it was a very stark reality, that you cannot take anything with you. When you are born into this world, you have nothing, when your body dies and your soul and spirit leave your earthly vessel, you again, have nothing. No earthly possessions go with you. However, your soul and spirit remain whole and intact. What you do take with you,are all of the things that make you who you are. You take with you your thoughts, your memories, your feelings, your likes, your dislikes and all of the other things that make you who you are. When my soul and spirit left my body and I went to Heaven,everything that made me who I am was still there. Once my brothers told that I had died, I purposely looked down the front of me to see if I still had a body. To my surprise, I did still have a body. It was a spiritual body. I call it a light body because there was no heaviness or gravity weighing me down. I still looked like me,
only a better version of me. I still felt like me, thought like me, I was still me. When your body dies, You do not loose your unique identity. You are still you.
You will always be you. Physical death does not remove your unique and beautiful identity it only enhances it.