Facing The Storms

Facing The Storms

Lately, We have been facing many storms in our lives. These are storms like we have never experienced before. When these storms come, blinding fear grips us and we spiral down to a place where we feel paralyzed. As fear takes over, the waves of uncertainty pull us under and we cannot breathe. It feels as though we are literally drowning in a cold, dark sea of the unknown.

It’s during these times, that if we focus on God and not on the storms that are raging all around us, we will find the inner strength and peace that we need to get through the storm.

I know from my own experiences, that keeping my focus on God and not on the waves that are about to engulf me, can sometimes be very difficult to do. It’s hard especially when we are facing serious financial hardships, homelessness, hunger, the sudden serious illness of someone we love or when we are faced with waves of sorrow and loneliness over the loss of loved ones. But, through my experiences,I have learned that no matter how hard it may be, if I don’t focus on God, the waves will crash down on me and crush me beneath them.

God never promised that life would be easy. He never said that there wouldn’t be hardships and sorrow in our lives. But He DID promise that He would be with us through the good times as well as the not so good times. He promised that He would shelter us during the storms.

If we trust and believe that God is a man of His word, then we know that the storms we face will not last forever. God is at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of all that we face in this life. If we but ask, He will calm the stormy seas, take command of our fear, He will comfort and soothe our broken hearts and He will provide for our every need.

Everyone who know me, knows I love birds. I can sit for hours just watching their cute little antics and listening to their glorious songs. I know that God gives every bird it’s food, but He doesn’t throw it into the nest. The food is all there, it’s plentiful but the birds must go out and find it. He covers them with colorful feathers that not only adorn them with beauty but also keeps them warm in the winter and dry during the spring and summer rains.

God loves and cares for all of His creation, even the smallest of His creation. If God loves and cares for even the smallest of His creation, how much more will He care for you.

The storms that we are all facing, in one way or another, will pass , like the tides that ebb and flow. Our purpose in life is to learn how to love and be loved. The situations in our lives and the storms that we face do not have to define who we are.

Change is inevitable, life as we have known it, has changed. It will never be like it was before.

The question is, have we learned from the past? If so, then we are not destined to repeat it. We have the choice. It’s not too late. We are not victims of fates that lie ahead.

We decide and we create. It’s up to us. We can stop the storms.

Do we put God back into the center of our lives, do we love others, the way we want to be loved? Do we treat the Earth with respect, taking only what we need to survive and leaving the rest? Do we respect ALL of life? Do we cherishing all of God’s creation by seeing the gifts hidden within? Do we really have to face another storm in order for mankind to change?

God’s love is constant and so is change. It’s time to lay the past to rest, learn from our mistakes, come together celebrating our commonalities and learning from each other, our differences.

We have a choice, one loving choice can change the entire world.

A Song in the Wind, A musical Journey of the Soul

I’m excited to announce my new CD~ A Song In The Wind, A Musical Journey of the Soul ~ composer Efisio Cross ~ Music Based off of my Book, A Song In the Wind, A Near Death Experience.
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Free Will

Since my near death experiences, I have been asked the question ” What is Free Will? ” this is what was revealed

With every soul that comes into being, God breathes His breath of life and bestows an eternal gift. This gift is freely given out of His great love. Every soul is given this precious gift and there are no strings attached.

Free will is a gift that gives us the power to make decisions on our own rather than having God or fate predetermine what we do. But with this gift comes great responsibility, for with each decision or choice that we make in our lives there will also be consequences.

God in His infinite love, created us in His image and we resemble our Creator in our capacity to display such qualities as love, acceptance tolerance, compassion, graciousness, and justice but it is our choice to do so. God is a gentleman, He gave us this gift upon our birth and He honors us by stepping back and allowing us to freely make our choices. Even though He steps back, allowing us to make our own decisions, His love for us is constant and He is ever present watching over us as a loving father watches over his child. We can align ourselves with God’s love or to feel separate from it. This is our choice. With each decision we make, we either walk with truth and with love, or we shy away from it. With each loving choice to honor our heart, and to believe in His love and support, we walk the path of miracles. With each choice to believe and to act in love, we are living our life’s purpose. Conversely, with each unloving thought, by misusing our gift; by imposing our will selfishly upon others thereby causing harm, we walk the path of struggle. The choice is ours and the results of such choices are the consequences we reap. Yes, free will can result in evil however, it can also result in the deepest love and joy possible.

We are truly blessed with the fact that God does not keep score and does not make judgments. In the end, we are the ones who do the judging.

This is the precious gift of free will that we have all been given upon our birth. The most beautiful part of this gift is that it lets us love Him with all of our hearts, simply because we want to.

Sharon Milliman (c) 2017

Learning From The Past

When people do not learn from the past, they are destined to repeat the same mistakes. God is the Creator of the universe and all life flows from Him. He is Love and perfect love emanates from Him. All that He created is right and good and all things are connected to God and exist in harmony with Him. When we as human beings step out of His order of doing things, when we act out of selfishness instead of love, harmony ceases to exist, and then chaos and destruction ensue throughout the world, then we are to blame, not God. God wants us to depend on Him as the ultimate source for our life and existence. Because of His great love for us, God gives every one of us the gift of free-will. God is a gentleman, He will not force, nor will He step in to stop us from making foolish choices. He leaves it up to us to either choose to follow His direction or choose to follow our worldly, selfish ways.
The opposite of love is not hate, it is selfishness and hatred is born out of selfishness. We choose. We decide and We can recreate. The horror that is happening in our world today does not need to happen. There is too much at stake. We as a human race must come together, all of us and learn from the past so as not to repeat the same horrific mistakes over and over. We need to celebrate the things we have in common and learn from each other those things that are different. We will never make it if things do not change. We are divided as a people based on ,race ,creed, political views, and most ridiculously, skin color. God created every single one of us in His image and likeness. He does not divide us, We have done that. I was raised in a way that exemplifies unity. There are many different colors in a rainbow but it is still ONE rainbow. A rainbow is a message of hope. We still have hope. I do not see color, religion, tradition as a means to separate or as means of division. I see people. I see souls. ALL beautiful and ALL one , like a rainbow. ALL people matter. We can change the way things are going, we have a choice but with every choice there are consequences; good choices bring good consequences whereas bad choices bring bad consequences. We are human beings and we all belong to one race, the human race. It’s time to heal the past by honoring each other, by forgiving each other for the horrible experiences some human beings have inflicted upon others in their selfishness thereby taking away another’s God given gift of free will. No one person is better than any other person. We are all in this together, as a people, as the human race, to fix this mess we created and are living in right here, right now. It takes Love, it takes courage, it takes forgiveness, it takes respect, it takes being humble and honoring each other. We are at a precipice. We have a choice.
We cannot live in the past, no matter what horror existed,we must take responsibility, seek forgiveness and heal.