A Song In The Wind

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In response to a friend’s request here is a chapter in my up coming book A Song In The Wind , A Near Death Experience

Chapter 12
A Song in the Wind

The Enchantment
By Sharon Milliman

As the wind blows the clouds across the skies, I look to the Heavens and see the brightly flickering lights which dot the velvet blackness. I see the silver moon beams dancing around me and I feel true joyfulness with an open heart. I feel the new beginnings of love and by loves transcendent glow that surrounds me, the enchantment has begun. As night turns into day, the sky becomes a radiant blue and a rainbow shines with a promise of hope renewed and the doves fill the trees two by two. There is a pink and golden glow that consumes the trees and they sparkle like diamonds in the breeze. As the doves sing their beautiful songs, I know that, like the stars in the velvet sky and the rainbow too, I am an integral part of this timeless beauty that is before me now. This knowing is within me at every moment. For we are all one with all there is, now and forever. The angelic herald is calling us to remember to live a life in the Spirit, where the lives of all who live under the stars and the moon are called to live in love as one showing forth the fruit of the Spirit which is love, peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, generosity, patience and faithfulness for all, while His love lifts us high and fills us with His Grace.

The pink bubble transformed the way I related to the world. I was less concerned about the day to day hustle and bustle of surviving and concentrated more on the little things in God’s creation. In this state, I also discovered small miracles.

There were times when I could actually hear heavenly music, like a song in the wind. My heart would leap in my chest at the sound. There were days that I would spend hours just sitting in silence, listening, praying and remembering. I would find refuge in my back yard just listening to the chirping birds and feeling the wind against my skin. Similarly, I would spend hours staring at the grass and the flowers as well as watching the clouds as they floated by in a beautiful blue sky. This recollection became my daily prayer as I remembered heaven. I never wanted to forget what I felt and heard in God’s realm; I had never been bestowed a more beautiful gift. There were many times I would just start dancing because of the joy and the peace that I felt. I loved feeling all the sensations in my body. It was just like getting a sweet kiss from God every day. Before the lightning strike I spent much of my time indoors cleaning house and mothering my two teenage children. Life was always busy; we were constantly going and doing. I never took the time to sit and be in the moment with God. I spoke to Him during my prayers, but I didn’t speak with Him. Nor did I sit quiet and listen. I now recognize how much I had missed being so busy. I wanted to spend my remaining time recapturing what was really important in life. In other words, I needed to sit quietly and be still in order to hear His voice as I did when I had died. So, I made it a point each day to sit quietly and just be with God.

It was during these times God allowed me to see that Heaven was really no further away than my own back yard. Meaning, heaven is more a state of being, or vibration of soul, than a place. Every so often He would lift the veil to allow me another glimpse of heaven’s beauty. There were times when I would literally see the air change. I knew it was heaven because the air was so clean, clear, and fragrant. I would see the colors of the flowers and trees become much more vibrant. Unfortunately, these experiences only lasted for one sacred moment before the world returned back to “normal”. I felt such awe and joy despite the momentary nature of my experiences. There were many times I would shake myself wondering if all of this was real. Then I would hear heavenly music come from out of nowhere. The “song in the wind” was played for me again and so I knew that it was all true.

During my near death experience I learned that God is all about establishing a loving relationship with all of us. To my surprise, he doesn’t care what religion a person selects. The question He consistently asks is “do you want a relationship with me?” For so long I had been deprived of a deep loving relationship with God. Like many people, my life had been too busy before to pay attention to Him beyond going to church and praying. But now my entire life had changed by taking the time to listen to His whispering voice stirring my soul.

There were many times I actively sought to hear God’s whispering voice. Let me share a number of examples throughout the rest of this chapter.

One morning, I woke up early to watch the sun rise. Just as the sun was coming up over the horizon, I noticed all the neighborhood sounds seemed to fade away. Even the sound of the water from the patio fountain was muted. As I looked around confused, I started to hear a drum beat and chanting. Although, I didn’t understand the language the chanting sounded powerful in rhythm with the drum. I looked around but was surprised to find that there was no one out and about in the neighborhood. Because of the clear fidelity of the chanting, I knew that it wasn’t a car radio or television I was hearing. The voices faded back out after a few moments as the normal neighborhood sounds faded back in. Amazingly, the chanting happened several more times during that summer. I can only guess that I was hearing the echoes of Native people who lived in the area long ago. Just as time did not seem to exist during my near death experience, perhaps I was tuned into the past as part of a greater unity of a timeless experience here on earth.

I noticed strange events happen in the physical world during this time. For instance, I saw rainbows in the night sky. Logic told me this wasn’t possible, but I cannot dispute my own eyes. I had just learned that with God all things were possible. Perhaps the rainbow symbolized that there is hope even in our darkest moments.

I also witnessed unusual behavior from animals. During an unusually warm November night, I stepped onto the patio and saw the sun shining on the two oak trees in the yard next door. This struck me as odd since it had been spitting cold, damp rain all day. The trees were beautifully lit in an unearthly golden color against a bluish purple sky. Then I noticed that a pair of doves had flown into the trees next to each other. Almost immediately another pair of doves arrived, then another, and another, until both the trees were loaded with pairs of doves. As the doves sat there in the golden trees they appeared to be a light shade of pink in the sky. Then the wind gently moved the branches. As the branches moved, the entire scene sparkled like diamonds in the light. The entire sequence of events was breathtaking and magnificent.

As this sight was unfolding the entire neighborhood sounds seemed to fade away; all I could hear was the sound of hundreds of doves’ “cooing”. The cooing faded after a few minutes as the neighborhood sounds faded back in. The doves began to fly away pair by pair until all were gone. Then the light faded away too and it became very dark and very cold outside again within minutes. There was no way it was mating season. Interestingly, a pair of doves is believed to be a symbol of love and fidelity. Perhaps God was showing me that He will always be faithful in His love, even during the storms of my life when I am the most worried and afraid. Doves are such beautiful, graceful birds. I love to hear their mourning songs and to listen to the whisper of their wings as the fly. Doves have always had great symbolism to me. This was another one of those “special” moments where God moved the veil from a realm of infinite possibilities.

Jesus often used birds as an illustration of why we should not worry about what we are to eat or how we are to provide for our needs. He said, “Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” (Matthew 6:26, New International Version). Birds are such beautiful, fragile creatures, they were often held up by Jesus, as being objects of concern for the loving care of God. If God takes care of the birds, God will most certainly take care of us. When we see the birds, and how God cares for them, we know we can trust God. There is no need to worry or be afraid.
God created all things. God created us in His image. We are children of God and God takes care of His own, no matter how small or fragile they might be. We can rest secure in His faithful love knowing that He provides for us, just as He provides for the birds of the air. He most certainly will take care of us. When we see the birds, and how God cares for them, we know we can trust God. There is no need to worry or be afraid.