Heaven in her Eyes

Heaven R

She walked in the shallows of a sparkling river and dreamed under the lacy leaves of a weeping willow.
She danced upon the wind in a snow white gown as she picked little blue flowers in the fields of gold.

She played hide and seek with the mists of dawn as the stars faded away with the sun. She sang the song of the mourning dove as she chased after the colors of the rainbow. She would lie for hours on a sweet bed of grass reaching for sunbeams and roses.

She was such a sweet little girl, this angel child, so precious and so pure. She always saw the world with such innocent eyes. She was heaven’s child, so highly favored and so truly blessed. Just her presence alone, was God’s blessing to everyone she met.

She was a vision of pure grace as she danced among the flowers and Joy filled the air with her giggles and laughter. Her light blonde hair blew gently in the wind as she sang tenderly to the roses, bringing new life back to the wilted and weathered branches.

And on cloudless days and starry nights she would tell me the tales of God’s delight and of the secrets that waited in store beyond this life.

Her light blue eyes would shine as brightly as the sun, for they mirrored her souls pureness and beauty. I could feel through her eyes, all the love that God bestows. “Agape Love is the answer” she said as beautiful sparkling rainbows bounced around the room.

And then one day, upon golden wings she flew away, with all the divine wisdom that she had , which was way beyond her years, for she was only six winters old. And as her soul soared to the skies, for one precious moment, I saw Heaven in her eyes.

Sharon Milliman (c) 2016
Dedicated to my beloved granddaughter Raegan

The Golden Threads of a Tapestry


During my last NDE I felt Gods love for me so deeply it was so huge. It was a love like I had never experienced before. he appeared to me and spoke and we talked quite a while and as I looked into his eyes , I saw eternity . And in that moment ,I could feel his love so completely. It was as if I was the only one he had ever created. And then I realized that no matter how huge the universe is and how very tiny I am in the grand scheme of things. I am a very important part of everything he created because everything is connected , interwoven like the golden threads of a tapestry. Just as you are. His love for all of us is that same way. And what he taught me was that every single thing he created is an extension of his love. He didn’t create us to serve him , he serves us so that we can serve others with his love.
Sharon Milliman (c) 2016

Like the Butterfly

Light 111

Like the butterfly cannot see the beauty of its own wings, sometimes we do not see the beauty of our own light that shines so brightly and touches so many other lives without us even being aware. The fact that God places you here and now makes you a person of great worth. God loves you as if you were the only one He ever created. He made all of this for you. Now you be Gods light. He made you, He is in you, so when you look in the mirror you see Him. You be His light that shines in the world for others to see. You be His hands and His feet and His voice in the world. Where there is light, darkness cannot be.

Sharon Milliman (c) 2016

What do you see ?


What do you see when you look in the mirror?
God asked me this question during my NDE. It’s a good question and one I found hard to answer. My normal answer would have been something like , “nothing much” or “no one special ” but that just isn’t an acceptable answer that one gives God. Sitting there beside God in Heaven and looking into His loving eyes , I found myself having to really rethink my answer. After all He is the creator of all things, I doubt that He would have found my answer amusing. So I thought and I thought and I said to him, ” God , you made me .. You are in me .. When I look in the mirror , I see You.” God smiled and said “Yes , exactly.”
Sharon Milliman (c) 2016